How You Can Help Seals

Most people are horrified to learn that baby seals have their skulls smashed in or are shot to death each year during Canada's annual war on seals. So how will your friends and family members find out about the slaughter and how to help stop it? You need to tell them!

Spread the word online with our tips below or spread the message within your community by getting active on a local level, with our tips and guidance.

21 or under? Check out
these activism tips instead.
Do you live in Canada? If so, check out these activism tips instead.

Help Seals Online

  1. Update your status with a pro-seal message. Let your Facebook friends know about Canada's Shame by clicking here.
  2. Become a fan of PETA's Facebook page. It only takes a few seconds to let all your friends know that you're fighting the seal slaughter while delivering updates directly to your newsfeed!
  1. Tweet for seals. Tweet this message.
  2. RT our tweets, let your followers know they can follow us, too, or even tweet at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (@pmharper) to ask him to stop the seal slaughter.
  3. Follow @PETA. By following PETA on Twitter, you get the latest updates on the battle against the seal slaughter, and you can chat directly with PETA's tweeters!
  1. Favorite and comment on pro-seal videos, such as our celebrity "Save the Seals" interviews, and give five stars to the bloody slaughter footage, so that others will watch and learn about the horrors of the Canadian seal slaughter.
  2. Subscribe to PETA's YouTube channel. By subscribing to PETA's YouTube channel, you'll be the first to know when new videos or interviews about the seal slaughter are launched.
  1. Follow PETA on Instagram and share our posts about the campaign!

Getting Active for Seals

Spread the word about the seal slaughter by ordering free leaflets that you can hand out in busy areas within your community. Not only will this increase the level of awareness about the seal slaughter, it also has the potential to recruit hundreds of people to the cause. Request leaflets and get started today! Remember: please include your full mailing address when placing your request.

Sometimes the pen really is mightier than the sword (or the hakapiks used to bash in seals' skulls!), and you can prove it! Sending letters to your local newspaper and other media outlets about the Canadian seal slaughter is a great way to reach the public and keep the topic on the tips of everybody's tongues. Check out PETA's Guide to Letter-Writing and you'll be on your way to getting published in no time.

Organize a Demonstration
Protesting is a fun, easy, and effective way to expose the cruelty of the seal slaughter. It can be as simple as one person with a sign and an hour to spare. You'd be surprised at how far you can get with a friendly smile and simple question like, "Would you like to learn how to help seals?" To get started, fill out this brief form.

Join the Action Team

Join the PETA Action Team, which will keep you up to date on local protests and events and give you the latest breaking news and campaign updates from The Action Team is the place to go for updates and tips on how to become a better animal rights activist.