Past Features

Get the Facts About the Canadian Seal SlaughterGet the Facts About the Canadian Seal Slaughter
Find out just how much money and how many lives the Canadian government wastes to support the largest and cruelest commercial marine-mammal massacre in the world.

Will You Speak Up for Seals?Will You Speak Up for Seals?
Join PETA and add your voice to the global outcry against Canada's shameful seal massacre.

Play PETA’s Save Sammy Maze GamePlay PETA’s Save Sammy Maze Game
Navigate your way through an icy Canadian path to help Sammy the seal get safely away from the sealers' clubs!

Stop the SlaughterStop the Slaughter
You can speak up for seals directly by contacting the Canadian Prime Minister and other decisionmakers and demanding an immediate end to the seal slaughter.

Celebrities OverheardCelebrities Overheard
From world leaders to reality stars, celebrities from around the world are speaking out against the Canadian seal slaughter. See what they have to say.

Play PETA's Seal Slalom GamePlay PETA's Seal Slalom Game
Dash down the slopes as a Canadian seal on a skiing adventure, but be sure to avoid the hunters! Play now.

'Save the Seals' Celebrity Ad Series'Save the Seals' Celebrity Ad Series
A long list of celebrities and professional athletes are calling for an end to the seal slaughter in this stunning series of advertisements.

Young seals are being killed for their skins in Canada—we need your help to stop it! Check out our cute e-cards and share them with your friends.